This is me

Name: Rob Verbrugge
Born: 1954
Hometown: Vlijmen, The Netherlands
Marital Status: Married

I started this wonderful hobby in the year 2008. I bought my first Lumix system camera to take beautiful vacation photos and make memories. Then I realized that buying a camera for just a few weeks a year was a bit silly. So I went to some local cafes to get started with concert photography. Soon I found difficulties with light and movement on those stages, so I bought my first Canon DSLR, a 550D. A huge improvement, but still not enough for the challenging conditions. Now this is in the bag:
– Canon 5D MarklV
– Canon 6D
– Tamron 28-70mm, f2.8
– Tamron 70-200mm f2.8
Currently I work as a photographer @ a venue called the “Groene Engel” in Oss ( and an online music magazine called Maxazine (

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